Carlos Duarte

Director, Red Sea Research Center,

King Abdullah University

Ángel Borja

Principal Researcher, Marine and Coastal 

Environmental Management, AZTI.

Tomás Pascual Gómez-Cuétara

Presidente, Calidad Pascual.

Andrés Alcántara

NbS Cluster. NbS Spanish Observatory Coordinator. 

Mediterranean Cooperation Centre, IUCN.

Javier Colmenarejo

CEO & Co-Founder, Sea Water Analytics.

Fernando Reyes

Area Head, Chemistry Department, Fundación Medina.

Marga de Rosselló

Director of Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Spain.

Adrien Vincent

Program Director, Seaweed for Europe.

Josep Lluís Bonet

President, Chamber of Spain.

Irene Díez

General Manager, Ecoalf Foundation.

Juan Espadas

Mayor of Seville and President of the Organizing Committee Summit4Oceans 

Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event.

Francesco Pititto

Scientific Director, Ocean Ecostructures.

John Pagano

CEO, The Read Sea Development Company.

Jorge Terrados

Posidonia Regeneration in the Balearic Islands, support Red Eléctrica.

Jan Pachner

General Secretary, One Ocean Foundation.

Luciano Pirovano

Global Sustainable Development Director, Bolton Food.

Frederico Lopes de Mendonça

Grocery Purchaising Director, Esselunga.

Galo Gutiérrez

General Director for Industry and SME, Ministry of Industry, trade and Tourism, Government of Spain.

Gilles Lecaillon

CEO, Ecocean.

Guillermo Jiménez

General Manager, AXIS.

Marta Pascual

Spanish National Hub, WestMED Initiative.

Pablo Bou

Director of Business Development, Xarxa de R&D&I Marítima de Catalunya.

Ignasi Ferrer

Founder & CEO Seastainable Ventures and Content Advisor 

Summit4Oceans Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event.

Soraya Romero

Director of Sustainability EMEA, Iberostar Group.

Will Bateman


Sonia Castañeda

Deputy Director of Green Economy and Employment and International Relations, Fundación Biodiversidad, Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Government of Spain.

José Lindo

Co-Founder & Impact Director, ClimateTrade.

Isidro González

Deputy Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean.

Raffaele Mancini

Blue Economy Consultant, Plan Bleu.

Kilaparti Ramakrishna

Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, Green Climate Fund.

Lora E. Fleming

MD PhD MPH MSc, Professor, Chair, Director, European Centre for Environment
and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School, College of Medicine
and Health, University of Exeter.

Javier Franco

Researcher, AZTI.

leire Pajín

President, Spanish Network for Sustainable Development and Commissioner 

of the Summit4Oceans Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event.

Daniel Hooft

CEO, Kelp Blue.

José Carlos García

Professor, Faculty of Marine Biology of Seville.

José Alberto González-Ruiz

General Secretary, CEOE.

Vincenzo Bianco

President of the National Council ANCI (National Association of Italian municipalities) and Member of the European Committee of the Regions.

Stefano Pogutz

Professor and Scientist, Bocconi University.

David Álvarez

CEO, Ecoacsa Reserva de Biodiversidad.

Albert Giralt

Ramón y Cajal Researcher, Department of Biomedicine, 

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Barcelona.

Sarai Pouso

Researcher, AZTI.

Eli Bonfill

Co-Founder and Co-Director, Plàncton Diving.

Miguel Marques

Blue Economy International Advisor.

Pablo Zalba

Director of Regulation, Deloitte.

Conxita Avila

Professor of Animal Biology, University of Barcelona.

José Carlos García de Quevedo

President, Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO).

Rafael Carmona

President, Port of Sevilla.

Benjamin Lesage

Global Coordinator at Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

Fernando de los Ríos

CEO, Hyperion Robotics.

Ido Sella

CEO and Co-Founder, ECOncrete.

Fernando García

Co-Founder & President, Equilibrio Marino.

Javier Peña

Director Water Business, Calidad Pascual.

Giulio Bonazzi

President & CEO, Aquafil.

Hugo Morán

Secretary of State for Environment, Fourth Vice-President, Ministry for the 

Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Government of Spain.

Jaime Palop

CEO, Emasesa.

Roland Cormier

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Hull (United Kingdom). 

Carlos Martín

CEO, BlueFloat Energy.

Samantha Deane

Managing Director, Kelp Forest Foundation.

Helena Torras

Founder & Managing Partner, Seastainable Capital.

Paul Holthus

Founding President & CEO, World Ocean Council.

Emma Cebrián

Head Scientist, CEAB-CSIC.

Adelaide Cracco

Head of Climate and Environmental Impact, 

European Investment Fund.

Azahara Espejo

Country Manager Spain, Crowdcube.

Manu San Félix

Marine Biologist. National Geographic Explorer.

Boris Weitzmann

Co-Founder, Project Sepia.

Rafael Sardá

Scientific Researcher of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).
Associate Professor of ESADE.

Aniol Esteban

Director, Marilles Foundation.

Marta Revilla 

Researcher, AZTI.

Pedro Duque

Minister of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain.

Jordi Riulas

Blockchain Advisor, Ethichub Lending Platform.

Luis Planas

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Spanish Government.

Juan Peña

CEO and Co-Founder, Orbital EOS.

Franscisco Cuervas

CEO, Ghenova Ingeniería, SL  -Cluster Marítimo Español-.

Juan Manuel Báez

Department for the Coordination of Biotechnological Projects, PharmaMar.